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Video Presentations about Entrepreneurship

Small Business Development Video

Jukka has a long experience of being a self-entrepreneur. On our Helsinki’s project meeting he was sharing with us some good tips.

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Innovative thinking and women entrepreneurship

What might be needed in innovative environment? How do you define creative thinking? What is needed for entrepreneurs the 4 C? Women and entrepreneurship in Iceland from 1980 – 2020, the establishment of FKA. Women and entrepreneurship in the future.

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Content is the King

“Future” content is to a large extent, not surprisingly, digital and technological. But while it includes software, hardware, robotics, nanotechnology, genomics, etc. it also includes the ethics, politics, sociology, languages and other things that go with them. “ This is todays Content and not the past anymore.

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Love your job - become your own boss

How to make what you love your job – how to become your own boss?

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