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Senior entrepreneurs

Interview with Aime Sillo

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A hairdresser who has been working her favourite job for more than 60 years.

Interview with Johnny Hansen

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Helping people to get skills for successful employment. Web Page.

Interview with Ísleifur Jónsson

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Was unemployed after 65, started his own funeral business. Presentation link. Web page.

Interview with Kristinn Pétursson

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Was fishing captain for 30 years, lost everything due to drinking, is now running is own small hunting company. Presentation link.

Interview with Ritva Anttila

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Owner of the travel agency for seniors. Web page.

Interview with Curt Richter

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Photographer. Web page.

Interview with Rolandas Tamošaitis

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Self-employed taxi driver.

Interview with Laimutė Kančauskienė

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One of the heads of Šiauliai Association of Elderly People. Web page.


The Butler and the Undertaker

The Sustainable Hunter